Political trick used by John Adams to be voted president.

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In the 1824 U.S. presidential election, no candidate received the required majority of electoral votes, leaving the House of Reps to decide. John Quincy Adams cleverly decides to appoint Henry Clay as Secretary of State, in which Clay persuaded the House to vote for Adams in return. Basically one man wins, one helped him win, and one storms out all angry. The loser was Andrew Jackson who raged like big time. Important because some people (obviously Jackson and supporters) saw this as corrupt and cheap: Henry Clay supported Adams in the House vote in return for the office of SecState. [This is extremely confusing, in super simple terms, one scratches the others back, the other scratches his back, but they both kick Andrew Jackson. If you still cannot remember, try to remember the time when Mr. Bowman compared the corrupt Bargain with George Bush’s vote, it created a tie and left Florida to "decide" the vote.]


Casts a shadow over JQA's presidency. Jackson gets really mad, and stays mad. Must be mad lol.

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