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Columbus meets IndiansEdit

  • Believed they could be taken advantage of easily.
  • Colonization was attempted with them but never gained foothold.


  • Mali lead power in Savannah, had important goods such as a spice, brass, gold.
  • Kongo highly centralized.
  • Demand for African Gold rose --> Rise in interest of exploration.

Strong RenisanceEdit

  • Leonardo de Vinci
    • Florence conflict over traditions, religion, monarchs

Religous Upheavel in EuropeEdit

  • Excessive taxing + crowding in the England
  • Crusades against Muslims
  • Both sides attempted to conquer each other.
  • Selling of indulgences caused an uproar --> Protestant Reformation takes effect.
    • Minister Kaluin follows Martin and decides to flee to Switzerland.
  • Counter Reformation then followed, shifted beliefs in some parts

Reformation in EnglandEdit

  • Head of Church denied kings divorce, Henry (king) then gets mad and decides to make his own church

Portugal and the AtlanticEdit

  • New triangle sail added as new tech along with new navigation instruments such as the Astrolab and Compass.
  • Portugal developed a good amount of gold + trade with tech


  • Slave trade flourishes.
  • 10 - 15 slaves could amount for 1 Berber Horse.
  • Slave trade became an obession, done with force.
    • 12 Million Africas forcibly shipped.

To America and BeyondEdit

  • Europe could go to Asia via Direct Route West.
  • Columbus was shunted for past failures (not being able to find a good source of Gold in America) and eventually died.
  • Spain signs a treaty with Portugal for territory.
  • England decides to send their own explorer (Cabot) to go around the World.

Spain ConquistadorsEdit

  • Columbus was cruel, used natives for forced labor.
  • Disease killed natives mostly.
  • Blacks were exploited more than average natives, forced very serious and strenous labor.

Cortes and MexicoEdit

  • Cortes went on mission into Mexico for discovering luxuries.
  • Was stunned by the sheer wealth of the Aztecs.
    • Raided them and stole
    • Banded with other native tribes to help defeat others.
    • Sometimes traded horses for other valuables (also guns)
    • Mexico's population of rouhly 13 - 25 million falls to 700,000 (mostly from disease)

Columbian ExchangeEdit

  • Smallpox was the worst case disease for natives.
  • Spain sucumbed to gold and funded to much into exploration trips (such as Cortes etc.) This led spain into debt.

Spains FrontierEdit

  • Spain funded more expeditions but most ended in failure.
  • Spain establishes outpost in Flordia. St. Augustine

France and CanadaEdit

  • French explorer Verazano is tasked to find a passage into Pacific.
  • French failed at colonizing.
  • Have lucrative trade of animal furs and pelts with Native Americans.
  • France establishes relations with Indians near Lake Champlain. Thus, French had very good relations with natives.

England + AtlanticEdit

  • England promoted pirates to attack Spanish ships.
  • Spain and England try to outclaim and outcolonize each other in America.


  • England signs truce with Spain (1604)
  • Colonists waged a war against Powhatatu
  • Jamestown is made but colonists have trouble with food and many are killed off during Winter.
  • Tobacco is the prime cash crop of colonists in America. Motivated them as well.
  • Corruption and overcharging was an issue among colonists.

New EnglandEdit

  • John Smith gives New England it's name.
  • Epedemic among natives on the coast kills about 90% of them.
  • Mayflower comes and makes Plymouth
    • Plymouth becomes self suffecient.