These notes are extremely rough. They should not be relied on and require editing ASAP.

Chesapeak SocietyEdit

  • Tobacco booms in 1620s as a Cash Crop. Grown mostly near Virginia and Maryland.
  • Indentured servants were used for most of the labor.

State and Church in VirginiaEdit

  • Virginia adopts British style of gov't (bicameral if I'm correct?)
  • Set local tax and establishes churches
  • Act for Religious toleration was considered a joke because it did not fully protect other religions.
  • Disease such as Tyhpoid and Malaria are a problem.

Tobacco + Bacon's RebellionEdit

  • Price for Tobacco falls
  • Servants are having large death rates
  • TEnsion rises with Indians & Settlers due to colonial expansion.
  • Bacon's Rebellion takes place due to angry colonists.
    • Virginians rose because they resented Virginia Governor William Berkeley's friendly policies towards the Native Americans.

Puritanism CrackdownEdit

  • England has a crackdown on puritans.
    • Wealthy puritans take charters to Mass. Bay (escape to America)

Towns + Famalies and Farm LifesEdit

  • Establish land grants via church.
  • New Englanders lived longer due to better conditions then such as in England where overcrowding took place.
  • Women changed with their roles and life such as the ideal of seperate spheres.

Economic and Religious TensionsEdit

  • Limits set on pricing (5% overpriced limit. Where, in England or Colonial America?)
  • Charles 1st, attempts to impose a tax -> causes Civil War.
    • Charles is killed and Charles the 2nd comes to power.
      • This results in Restoration.

Expansion and Native AmericansEdit

  • 90% of Indians were killed from disease along the coast.
  • Pequot war between expanding settelers.
  • 1637 all Pequot resistance was crushed.
  • Indian Population goes from 125,000 to 10,000 over 75 years.
  • Colonists monopolized Native Debts.
  • Caused King Phillips War, NAtives rallied with Indian Chief Metacom and raided New England towns. Killed about 2,500 colonists but 5,000 Indians die.

Salem WitchcraftEdit

  • Massachusetts suffered irregulations within society.
  • Witch accusations flew all over, mostly by women accusing other women. (Jelousy?)
  • All women were eventually pardoned after it came to the attention of being rediculous.

Sugar, Slaves and the West IndiesEdit

  • Spanish, Dutch and French began a race to