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In class notes that covered the chapters that the test will be on. Written online to keep it neat.

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Terms Summary
Aaron Burr

Crazy vice president during Thomas Jefferson's presidency.

Abigail Adams

Wife of John Adams.

Adams-Onis Treaty

A treaty between the border of the US and Spain (Mexico).

Alien and Sedition Acts

Four acts which punished speaking against the U.S Government.

Barbary Pirates

Pirates that disrupted shipping.

Coercive Acts

5 laws passed by Parliament that caused an outrage amongst colonists.

Connecticut Compromise

An agreement which defined the legislative structure of the U.S under the constitution.

Continental System

A foreign policy used by Napoleon against Britain and Ireland.

Corrupt Bargain

John Adams appoints Henry Clay as Secretary of State.

Crispus Attucks

Man killed in the Boston Massacre.

Erie Canal

Canal from NY to Great Lakes used for trade.

Galloway Plan

A plan to have an American parliment while remaining British.

Hartford Convention

Discussion of New England's sucession from the U.S.

Henry Clay

American Whig statesman: "The Great Compromiser"


Forcing U.S sailors into the British navy.

James Otis

Massachusetts lawyer and revolutionary leader.

Jay’s Treaty

Treaty to avoid war with Britain over trade with France.

Judiciary Act, 1789

The basic structure of the federal judiciary.

Land Ordinance of 1785

Law passed by Congress that allowed the sales of land in the Northwest Territory and all of Northern America

Louisiana Purchase

Massive purchase of land from France.

Macon’s Bill No. 2

US law which was intended to stop France and Britain from seizing US Ships.

Monroe Doctrine

U.S policy closing the Hemisphere to further colonization.

New Jersey Plan

Proposal for the structure of the U.S.

Newburgh Conspiracy

Attempted coup in the continental army. Took place in 1783.


A term for a state calling a Fed. law invalid on their state.

Panic of 1819

first major financial crisis in the U.S.

Patrick Henry

Prominent figure in Revolution and was one of the Founding Fathers.

Paxton Boys

A vigilante group of Scots-Irishmen from PA that murdered natives.


Law which gave the right to inherit estate to the first-born.

Quartering Act

Act of parliament requiring British soldiers to be housed in private homes.

Quasi War with France

An unofficial mini war with France.

Quebec Act

An act by Parliament setting the guidelines/rules of governing the Province of Quebec.

Quock Walker

An American slave who sued for, and won, his freedom.

Samuel Slater

Founding Father of US industry

Second Great Awakening

1880s religious revival.

Shays’ Rebellion

An armed uprising in Mass consisting of poor farmers.

Sons of Liberty

Political group of colonial patriots.

Stamp Act

Taxation on the colonies.

Sugar Act, 1764

British revenue raising act for sugar and other products.

Tariff of 1789

A tariff is a tax on imports and exports enacted by Alexander Hamilton.


A Native American leader of the Shawnee tribe that opposed the U.S.

Thomas Paine

One of the founding fathers of the US.

Toussaint L’Ouverture

Man who led the Haitian revolution.

Townshend Acts

A series of laws/taxes by Parliament and Charles Townshend.

Whiskey Rebellion

A 1790 whisky tax protest.

Worcester v. Georgia

A US supreme case about Georgia and Indian lands.

Writs of Assistance

Allowed customs officers in the colonies to search cargo.

XYZ Affair

A diplomatic event with strained relations between Fr. and the U.S.

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